Recruitment - Recruitment Consulting is all about discovering the right talent at the right time, capable of staying engaged to your organization. It is about building rapper With all clients and Applicant - the Talent-sourcing Organization and the Job seeking professional. It's about investing time in relationships, and also investing capital in high-technology infrastructure.

Careerwings believes in real-time Recruitment Consulting with a strong Client-focus that is hard-wired into our process. As follows Industrial Standers & Quality Which ensures that even your most junior hire will come with the same quality assurance as your top management team.

  • Database search for eligibles
  • Assessment
  • Identifying potential resources
  • Evaluating resources
  • Orienting resources
  • Short-listing candidates
  • Testing – in progressive phases leading up to the final round
  • Reference checks
  • Salary negotiations

Training and development - At Careerwings we believe, Training is an essential part of any corporate seeking to motivate employees and increase their potential business output. The dynamic and competitive corporate environment demands the all rounder employee – technically skilled and with excellent behavioural skills.

Careerwings with its experience in working closely with business heads and the associates, understand the training offerings better ...We offer corporate a wide range of training offerings to add value to their business every time they acquire training program services at Careerwings.

We worked with wide range of organisations/Industries in imparting the best of the training programs, while the top of the mind is to create the best & Quality Return on Investment.